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ROBAM Health Electric Disinfection Knife Holder with Ultraviolet Sterilization and Hot Air Drying for Smart Kitchen Cleaning & HealthROBAM Health Electric Disinfection Knife Holder with Ultraviolet Sterilization and Hot Air Drying for Smart Kitchen Cleaning & Health

【UV STERILIZATION】 This knife holder with a UV wavelength of 265-285NM, 45°completely irradiating on blades and destroy the molecular structure of bacterial cells which could effectively kill a variety of stubborn bacterial. Creating a totally clean and healthy condition for your knives.

【HOT AIR DRYIING】 The knife block designed with a built-in heating fan. Hot air convection makes the inside temperature of the knife holder reaches 70°. 360°vertical drying could quickly evaporate the moisture inside the knife block to form an antibacterial space.

【SMART STERILIZATION】 Under timing mode, the knife storage holder will start automatic sterilization and air drying every 4 hours without manually turning it on. This will keep the knife holder clean and rust-free, suitable for high humidity weather and rainy season.

【PERFECT FIT VARIOUS SIZE KNIVES】 Our knife holder with waving design allows a perfect fit for the size of knives from 80 to 180 mm such as kitchen knives, clutters and some larger sized Chinese kitchen knives. It’s easy to insert in without slipping out and convenient for storing.

【PRACTICAL DESIGN】 Our knife holders are made of food-grade PP material. Compared with traditional wooden or plastic knife holders, this is hard to be influenced by mildew and bacteria with better durability. The cylindrical tower design with great stability is not easy to fall down between 15 degrees of inclination. It is space-saving with simple design.





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